Lifting Karakuri

The Lifting/Descent Karakuri allows you to move bin containers up and down.

All movements are guided with roller sets and connected with cables and pulleys. The weight of the container should be a bit heavier than the counterweight, so the system is being activated properly by the effect of gravity.

This Mini lifter has a braking roller which decelerates the movement down in order to avoid impact.
This concept can be applied to the industrial environment.

Your team of engineers, design experts, technicians, and operators are given an opportunity for hands-on training in the various automation mechanisms available with Karakuri systems from item.
The Mini-Karakuri concepts are designed to train you in the different mechanisms offered by item. Build it on your own to learn via hands-on experience.

O preço para esta solução começa em 2,244.00 USD

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